Smart Centering for Rotation-Symmetric Parts in Multi-Stage Production Systems for Zero-Defect Manufacturing


During manufacturing, geometrical deviations occur, e.g. due to heating processes. In multi-stage production systems, these errors propagate and lead to expensive rework or, even, to unusable products. In this paper, a method for smart centering of rotation-symmetric parts is introduced. The method is used in the scope of achieving zero-defect manufacturing processes. For this purpose, the products are measured and automatically compared with the required specifications. Based on the identified deviations, process parameters can be adapted and thus, defects can be compensated in downstream production steps. The method is exemplified in the context of an industrial use case.

Procedia CIRP
Philipp Tempel
Philipp Tempel
Postdoctoral Research Associate

My research interests include continuum and flexible robots, multibody system simulation, and mechanical integrators.