Modelling of Kinematics and Dynamics of the IPAnema 3 Cable Robot for Simulative Analysis


This paper covers the kinematics and dynamics modelling of the mechatronic model for a 6 DOF cable-driven parallel robot and derives a real-time capable simulation model for such robots. The governing equations of motion for the mobile platform are derived using Newton-Euler formalism, furthermore, the pulley kinematics of the winches and a linear spring-damper-based cable model.Once the equations of motion are derived, closed-form force distribution is implemented and simulation results of the real-time capable model for the cable-driven parallel robot IPAnema3 are presented. Given the real-time capability, the presented model can be used for hardware-in-the-loop simulation or controller design, but also for case studies of highly dynamic or large-scale robots.

Applied Mechanics and Materials
Philipp Tempel
Philipp Tempel
Postdoctoral Research Associate

My research interests include continuum and flexible robots, multibody system simulation, and mechanical integrators.